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Trackman Practice Club

The TrackMan Practice Club, located in Solon, is a membership program for serious golfers looking for lasting improvement, who are students of the Golf Academy and members of Barrington Golf Club.

Here are the basics...

  • Members pay a monthly fee for access to the facility virtually 24/7.
  • Access is unlimited and members are able to reserve 6 hours per month on the TrackMan Simulator.
  • The number of members are limited to ensure access.
  • Your TrackMan account logs your activity to show your improvement.
  • There is a family membership for those living in the same house.

For more information and to join, contact Todd Casabella at or 440-225-5022

Trackman Practice Club


(6 month minimum)

6 hours of simulator time per month

Trackman Family Membership

+ $75/month

(6 month minimum)

2 additional hours per month