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Decade is a course management and game improvement strategy designed by Scott Fawcett using strokes gained data from the PGA Tour. Scott teaches you where to aim based on your distance from the hole and the trouble surrounding the green and fairway. By imputing your rounds, you learn where your game stands compared to your pier group and as high as the PGA Tour. Implemented by the best players in the world, DECADE teaches you in a few days what it takes most people to learn in a lifetime.

Mental Golf Type

Mental Golf Type™ is a golfer profiling system that identifies your unique mental hard-wiring. It provides the first ever blueprint to understanding the 16 different types of golfers, and reveals each player's specific approaches to the mental game and how they achieve peak performance on the golf course.

Mental Golf Type™ combines the universal necessities for a strong mental game with the specific keys for you based on your unique mental hard-wiring. With this understanding of your Mental Golf Type™ you can dramatically increase your ability to consistently perform at a high level, learn how to effectively overcome stress on the course, and maximize your level of enjoyment in each round.

The mental performance zone is not one size fits all. Mental Golf Type™ is tailored to the individual and teaches you how to get more out of your mind on the course.

Inborn and Hard-Wired
Just like your handedness was predetermined at birth so are these built-in mental functions. These functions never change so learning them is vital to your success.

Effective Strategies
Mental Golf Type™ takes the guesswork out of the mental game and provides you effective strategies to play your best and overcome stress based on your hard-wiring.