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Zoom Lesson


Do you want to work on your game, but can’t make it to see us in person? No problem! You can get golf instruction from your living room, yard, garage, anywhere in the world with our online training program.

What will you receive? A video analysis of your golf swing and a recap of how to improve. This could consist of mental cues, swing drills and training aids that can speed up the learning process.

Getting started is simple:

  • Email two videos of your golf swing, putting stroke, green side bunker shot, wherever want some advice to (For details on the best way to record, see instruction below.)
  • Put ONLINE LESSON REQUEST as the subject. 
  • In the email, identify your preferred ball flight and describe the kind of issues you’re having with your game.
  • Pay the invoice. You will receive an invoice through square for the online lesson fee of $40
  • Once paid, you will receive an email from CoachNow to view your lesson.

How to record your swing:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Or follow these instructions

  • You are going to record your swing from two angles; front on and down the line.
  • In order to assist with alignment and camera position, put down two alignment rods, or golf clubs, forming a T. The top of the T parallel to the target line with each foot on either side of the middle rod or club.
  • If possible, use a tripod or selfie stick to minimize camera movement.
  • From the front on view, position the camera at the golfers hand height directly in front of the golfer.
  • From the down the line view, position the camera at the golfers hand height and in line with the toe line, wherever the feet are aligned, regardless of the target.
  • After you hit the shot, shortly explain the ball flight you just hit.
  • Do not film in “slow mo”.
  • Trim the video to include just the golf swing and explanation.

Ready to get started? Record your swing and email me at today!


Do you prefer to work together one on one, but can’t get to Cleveland? Take a lesson using Google Meets. Todd will tune in live for 45 minutes to watch you hit practice and provide insight on what you can do to improve.

Here's how it works...

  • Schedule a lesson through the online calendar on the website. 
  • Send a note denoting its a Google Meets lesson. 
  • Send video’s ahead of time following the remote lessons procedure. Todd will review the videos at the start of the lesson and provide commentary. Then he will help you incorporate the swing improvements during the live video stream. 
  • Cost is the regular adult lesson fee.