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Todd is a fantastic teacher. Great with both adults and kids! My son has a very short attention span and Todd has great patience in working with all types of players. We’ve been working with him for several years and have learned some great techniques to keep the game in check!

Joanne Montz / Client

Todd is the best teacher I have ever worked with. Not only is he a great person, but his knowledge of the golf game is truly remarkable. What impresses me the most is his ability to work with all levels of golfers. Whether he’s working with me who plays college golf or a beginner he uses the best technology in the game to monitor your swing, yet explains it in ways that eveyone can understand.

Brett Dubin / Client

The lessons are to the point and his communication is very clear. In just a few lessons I’ve gained a greater understanding of the golf swing and what to do to make mine more effective. I also know that before, during or after solo practice sessions I can look back at my key points (video) from our previous lessons to focus my efforts and stay on track.

Chris Whitehead / Client

I truly would not be at the level I am at without Coach Casabella. Right when you start taking lessons with him, you begin to see your swing, confidence, and scores improve at a rate you wouldn’t believe.

Topher Reed / Client

Todd is an amazing instructor. He has a passion for helping his students, and consistently learning new ways to teach makes him the best! Whether you are a beginner or scratch golfer, Todd explains what you need to do clearly and concise. You will leave the lesson understanding what they need to do to improve. We have worked with Todd for several years, yet he continues to find new ways to get the point across, and provides drills to reinforce what was taught in the lesson. If you are serious about getting better at golf, there is no better instructor than Todd.

Chris Pollak / Client

Todd has helped me make major improvements in all aspects of my game - mechanics, mental game, course management etc. He makes every thing very easy to understand and implement to help me reach my goals.

Ian Weinberg / Client

After playing golf casually most of my life, at 40 I decided to take golf more seriously and to become proficient. I became frustrated when I was playing more golf, but not seeing my game improve. That was when I decided to invest the time and effort into golf lessons with Todd. Initially, I took a step backwards, but by doing so Todd helped me correct my form and build a solid golf foundation. After about 6 months most guys I played with would comment how much I had improved since the last time they played golf with me. I was unofficially referred to as “Most Improved” at the Club. I credit Todd and the Golf Academy with the improvements in my golf game and overall enjoyment with the sport. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to be a more competitive and proficient golfer.

Trevor Cost / Client