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Junior Elite

"The average golfer’s problem is not so much the lack of ability, as it is lack of knowledge about what he should be doing." - Ben Hogan

Northeast Ohio’s Premier
Junior Golf Development Program

The Junior Elite program claims some of the best juniors in Northern Ohio. State Champions, AJGA Winners, Rolex-ranked junior golfers and other top players have gone through the program, learning how to develop their games through structured, competitive practice sessions. This is much more than swing coaching, the program provides junior golfers a proven approach to developing their golf games to the highest level. Junior elite provides students the skills to practice better than their peers, giving them the edge in tournament golf. It’s open to any junior golfer age 12 and up, boy or girl, playing competitive golf. If you are a competitive junior golfer, the Junior Elite program is a must.

Junior Elite Winter

The Junior Elite Winter program begins in December for members of the TrackMan Practice Club and is structured as competitive practice session for competitive junior golfers.

  • When: Classes are conducted various days and times, December through April
  • Where: Indoor Golf Academy with Todd Casabella in Solon
  • Class Duration: 75 Minutes
  • Purpose: Cultivate a learning environment for golf skill development and golf tournament readiness, as well as supplement technique training done in private lessons
  • Outcomes Expected: Practice session disciplines, peer level improvement and college golf preparation work  
  • Next Level Training: Prepare students for college golf
  • Cost: Membership for the TrackMan Practice Club plus a small fee per class.

Using the off season well helps utilize swing improvements and perfecting practice methods  that can be difficult to incorporate in the summer when juniors are playing competitive golf. This program integrates consistent skill testing to ensure that the junior is gaining knowledge and skill, targeting their areas of improvement. Some examples of what is learned/reinforced in the Junior Elite Winter Classes...

  • Uneven lies adjustments
  • Distance wedge play
  • Pre-shot and post shot routines
  • Driving skills
  • Par five strategy and more...

As with all off season training, the Junior Elite Classes are offered “a la carte”. This helps students avoid scheduling conflict with other commitments, such as: sports, fitness training schedules, and vacations, etc. Students are able to pick and choose from a schedule of classes that fit into their schedules.

Junior Elite Summer

Junior Elite Summer picks up where the winter left off. However, we leave the technology- driven, technique-focused training indoors, move outside and learn the game by digging it out of the dirt.

  • When: Classes are conducted various days and times, May through July
  • Where: Barrington Golf Club in Aurora
  • Class Duration: 2 hours.  Each class is broken into three main segments: putting, around the green and ball striking.
  • Purpose: Create tour level practice habits and understanding of the game
  • Outcomes Expected: Better practice leads to better scoring on the golf course  
  • Next Level Training: These are practice-based sessions that incorporate the necessary skills to learn how to score on the golf course. Ideally, the swing improvement work in the off-season has been done and students are able to focus on skills for learning to score, putting proficiency, short game shot selection, distance wedge control, etc.
  • Cost: Please inquire for more information...
  • Membership: Students are not required to be members of Barrington or of the Indoor Academy in Solon for the summer program.
  • Course Tools & Goals: Students are given a training manual that incorporates the practice drills learned in class and taught how to develop a time managed practice schedule for developing their whole game. Other skills, such as Pre-shot routine, Post shot routine, difference between practicing and warming up, ball flight laws and course management skills are developed.

"People didn’t believe me when I told them I practiced harder than I played, but its true. That’s where my comfort zone was created. By the time the game came, all I had to do was react to what my body was all ready accustomed to doing." - Michael Jordan

Student Success


PGA Junior Championship Boys Qualifier 

USGA Junior Amateur Boys Qualifier 

USGA Womens Amateur Qualifier

Notah Begay Jr Golf National Championship Qualifier

Multiple GOLFWEEK Junior Tour Winners

NOPGA and OHSAA Resuts below


2 PGA Junior Championship Boys Qualifiers 

2 USGA Junior Amateur Championship Boys Qualifiers

AJGA Winner


2022 NOPGA Junior Tour 
82 Top 5 Finishes including 
24 WINS in Boys and Girls Both Divisions

2022 Kenny Novak Champion - Boys 16-19

2022 NOPGA Junior Tour Girls 16-19 Player of the Year 

2021 NOPGA Junior Section Boys - First and Second Place - both qualifiers for the PGA National Championship

2021 Kenny Novak Boys Champion

Ohio High School Athletic Association Results

2022 Boys and Girls OHSAA Golf: 
Sectionals: 4 Medalists, 21 students advanced to Districts, 
Districts: 1 Medalist, 10 students advanced to States. 
States: 1 Medalist, 2 Team State Champions, 2 players first team all state, 3 players second team all-state

2021 Boys and Girls OHSAA Golf: 
Sectionals: 1 Medalist, 22 students advanced to Districts, 
Districts: 1 Medalist, 11 students advanced to States. 
States: 1 Medalist, 2 Team State Champions, 3 players first team all state, 2 players second team all-state

2020 Boys and Girls OHSAA Golf
Sectionals: 2 Medalists, 17 students advanced to Districts, 
Districts; 1 Medalist, 10 Students advanced to States. 
States: Boys Div 1, 3 students finished 2, 3, 4 making first team all state

2019 Boys and Girls OHSAA Golf
Sectionals: 3 Medalists, 15 students advanced to Districts 
Districts: 1 Medalist, 6 Students advanced to States.