Junior Private Instruction Rates (Ages 12-18)

Playing Lessons
On course instruction is a crucial component of learning to score. Students can book time to go on course and pay the private lesson rate for the time taken on the golf course. It is recommended that the student book 2.25 hours for 9 holes. Students can use one 45 minute lesson on the golf course as long as access to the golf course is available. Any golf course charges will be incurred by the student. One instructor can accommodate up to four students. Any additional per person charge for the group lesson is waived.

Single Lesson: $85

All lessons are 45 minutes and include a video analysis review that the student has access to after their lesson through the CoachNow app. Other technology may be used at the discretion of the teacher, such as TrackMan launch monitor, BodiTrak pressure mat, FocusBand mental training, and Blast Motion stroke analyzer.


TheJunior Elite program provides competitive junior golfers a unique training environment with their peers that focuses on skill development, mental training, and practice techniques needed to play golf at a high level.

For competitive golfers age 12-18: A competitive golfer is defined as someone participating in junior golf tournaments, PGA Junior League or High School golf. Kids in the program are separated into small groups, called pods, based on age and ability.

Junior golfers will meet once a week in a class setting to learn skill development and practice techniques. These classes should be supplemented with private lessons that focus on improving technique. These classes will be conducted at Barrington Golf Club, in Aurora, Ohio. The spring classes meet once a week on Wednesday evenings mid-April to mid-June. The summer program meets weekday mornings in July. The Winter program is conducted at the indoor Academy in Solon, November through March. 

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Please note the following:

  • Golf Lessons are available to the public. Barrington is a private club. Non-members taking lessons are permitted to arrive 15 minutes prior to their lesson to warm up and 15 minutes after their lesson for further application.
  • Please wear appropriate golf attire which is considered a shirt with a collar, knee length shorts and no denim jeans. Anyone not dressed accordingly will not be permitted to take their lesson
  • All series lesson packages must be purchased at the first lesson and completed by the end of the year they were purchased unless otherwise noted.
  • Range balls are included during your lesson.
  • Lessons must be paid at the time of your lesson using cash, VISA or MasterCard. No personal checks.